DENT ESTET opens the first digital dental clinic in Romania

After less than a year of being part of the MedLife family, DENT ESTET, the Romanian dental market leader, makes the highest investment ever in digital dental technology in Romania and opens a revolutionary dental office for adults and the 8th clinic in the group.

Located in the Primaverii district of Bucharest, the new clinic represents the largest Planmeca Digital Academy center in Romania, a distinction that marks the integration of revolutionary technology into all clinical processes of a dental office.

With a surface of more than 800 square meters and 10 treatment and diagnosis rooms, the clinic offers a wide range of dental specialties, focusing on implantology and dental aesthetics, as well as access to on spot medical investigations offered by MedLife.

The investment exceeds 850,000 Eur and includes ultra-high-performance digital medical technology, a radiological investigation center, a surgery room, and a digital photo studio, coordinated by a medical team 40 specialists.

*Mr. Heikki Kyöstilä, Founder &President of Planmeca Oy, Finland/ Dr. Oana Taban, Founder &CEO of DENT ESTET/ Mr. Mihai Marcu, President of the Administration Council of MedLife

250 specialists take care of the smile of over 65,000 patients

DENT ESTET registered an annual turnover growth of 20%, mainly driven by a significant increase in patients’ demands regarding complex treatments like complete dental restorations and digital dental aesthetics, but also regarding their comfort and safety. DENT ESTET clinics have treated over 65,000 patients and is visited by 350 patients every day.

From 1999, the DENT ESTET has expanded continuously, counting 8 clinics for adults, adolescents and children, one of them in Timisoara.